Nawazuddin Siddhiqui’s ex-girlfriend Sunita sues him for Rs 2 crore

After Nawazuddin Siddhiqui’s memoirs exposed his past relationship with TV actress Sunita Rajwar, it created trouble in the actress’s personal life. She claimed it to be false and slammed the actor for tarnishing her image.  Sunita Rajwar slapped a defamation case against Nawazuddin and demanded compensation of Rs 2 crore.

Sunita also claimed that she and Nawaz are not in talking terms from last 16 years. She said, “I am taking legal action because the damage is already done and it’s irreversible.”

Sunita has accused Nawaz of using her name as publicity stunt. According to the notice, Sunita has been wrongly portrayed as someone “who drove Nawaz to think of committing suicide”. She totally dismissed the part that she dumped him because he wasn’t successful is “a figment of his imagination”. 

The book served as a“source of great mental agony” as it has affected her relationship with those close to her. She adds, “The withdrawal of the memoir turned out to be a another gimmick as the book is still in circulation.” 

Sunita has demanded an apology from the actor. The notice has also been served to co-author Rituparna Chatterjee and the publishers of the book. It is said that Sunita intended to use the money for charity.