Naseeruddin Shah’s showdown with the producer of his film

Veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah is all set to make his directorial debut in the film industry with his film Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota. A media briefing for Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota was held at IIFA this year and later the music launch was held at Mumbai . However this actor turned director has been having several problems with the producer of his film, Shabbir Boxwala. Naseer is known to have a bad temper and has lost his cool several times while shooting for most of his films. Naseer and Shabbir have had many arguments while working on their film Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota. But things took a turn for the worse when Naseer completely lost his cool and is said to have slapped the producer.
The cast and crew were shooting in Mumbai for the film, but Shabbir kept interfering with each and every aspect of the shoot and hence Naseer is said to have flown into a rage and slapped the producer. A source claims “Naseer and Shabbir were having problems from day one. When Naseer slapped him there was a stunned silence on the sets and everyone was shocked at the act.” Some of the differences between the producer and director were that Naseer wanted Viju to do the music score as he has worked with him in other films in the past, but Shabbir did not want Viju to do the music score. Also Naseer became so involved when directing that it often led him to overshoot. He would shoot almost every scene in two to three different ways and then use the best shot.

Shabbir as the producer of the film is well aware of the financial aspects of a film. Hence he intervened at times when he thought that Naseer was going overboard. However Shabbir completely denies that Naseer hit him during the shoot although he does admit that Naseer did lose his temper. Shabbir says “Naseer often lost his temper during the shooting of the film. He has a habit of losing his temper; however he did not hit me. If he had I would have hit him back. But he did get furious with me as I had asked him to hurry up with the shoot that day.”

There are also rumours that the film has gone over budget and that Boxwala is having problems distributing the film as it is more of an offbeat film. Shabbir agrees that the film has gone overbudget but he is confident of being able to distribute the film all over India.