Naseeruddin Shah drastically altered Uttam Gada’s YHTKH script

At a time where many scriptwriters, music composers and various others who are responsible for much of the effort put into the making of a film are not given due credit, scriptwriter Uttam Gada is upset with director Naseeruddin Shah for exactly the opposite reason. Uttam Gada is a noted play writer and has been credited with writing the script for Naseeruddin Shah’s directorial venture Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota (YHTKH). Unfortunately Uttam does not want to be given credit as the scriptwriter of the film as he claims that the script is not his original one.
To begin with Uttam’s script had given the film the title Udaan. Apart from that Uttam claims that “Naseer has changed more than 80 percent of his original script” and evidently the scriptwriter is not happy about this. Gada finds the script of Naseer’s film cheap and even downright offensive. Gada had even made it a point to voice his displeasure when the film itself was being shot. But Naseer who is known to always do things his way refused to take the scriptwriter’s opinion into consideration. Naseer in fact told Uttam “that once he submitted the script his work as a scriptwriter was over.” Hence Gada has decided that he does not want to be credited as the scriptwriter of YHTKH and has asked that his name be removed from the credits.

Gada has gone a step further and has posted his original script of the film on his official website, so that audiences will be able to gauge the major differences between the two scripts. The scriptwriter has also written a letter to director Naseer stating his obvious displeasure at the course of events.

Naseeruddin Shah has received mixed reviews for his first directorial venture Yun Hota Toh Kya Hota. But nonetheless the director’s first film has received average to above average reviews. Naseer was earlier too embroiled in a controversy where it was claimed that he had hit the producer of his film YHTKH, Shabbir Boxwala due to his constant interference in the film.