Nandana Sen injured

Actress Nandana Sen injured her hip while shooting a fight sequence with Vivek Oberoi for ‘Prince’. Inspite of injury, Nandana completed her shoot. She quips, "These things happen during a film. Can't be avoided. My joint has sustained a major labrium tear. Only surgery can rectify it, and the soonest possible”.

Nandana has to undergone hip surgery following the hurt. But she is delaying it for the shooting.  "I don't want the shooting to suffer. But I'm suffering. Shakira (singer) was right - hips don't lie," said the injured lady.

"It was a bit complicated and very painful. Steroid was administered directly into the injury track by scanning machines. It should work for two weeks," she said. Her family is worried as she is delaying the surgery.

She starred in 'My Wife's Murder', 'Tango Charlie' and 'Black' but hit the headlines for the controversial nude scenes in Ketan Mehta's 'Rang Rasiya'.