Nana Patekar fights with Deepika Padukone

Nana Patekar who is known for his short temper had a tiff with Deepika Padukone when Deepika asked him to make some changes in the script which Nana has approached her. Nana upset over Deepika’s suggestion and both had some fiery conversation. Miffed Nana Patekar dropped the idea of casting Deepika then and there.

A source said, “Nana had met Deepika on the sets of Raajneeti when she was in Bhopalto meet Ranbir Kapoor who was her boyfriend then. That’s when Nana told Deepika that he is writing a script and has a role in mind for her. Deepika told him that she would love to meet him when he is ready with his film. Recently when Nana took his script to Deepika she suggested a couple of changes, which didn’t go down well with Nana. He refused to acknowledge her suggestions and was furious with her. Despite Nana going to the extent of saying that he has immense experience in the film industry and how can a newcomer like Deepika suggest he make changes in the script, the actress did not say anything even when Nana stormed out.”

A close friend of Deepika confirmed the incident, “Yes, Nana had approached her with a script however Deepika refused to do it as she could not connect to it. Nana did not have a verbal argument with her and she is not aware if Nana is upset with her. She did not do the film as it was something that she just did not want to do. That’s it.”