My wife Madhurima and I have split: Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam with wife MadhurimaThough Sonu Nigam is in seventh heaven as far as his professional life is concerned, his personal life is a shambles — the five-year-old Sonu-Madhurima marriage is on the rocks.

We asked Sonu about the trouble in his marriage and he admitted to it.

“Madhurima and I need space; both of us are shattered, but life has to move on. I find there is no other alternative but to go our own ways, although we did try a lot to reconcile.
It has been a difficult decision for me, because I am very sensitive and emotional. I am the type of person who gets attached even to his driver! I realised that my creativity would be at stake if I continued to pretend all was hunky-dory on the marital front.”

So has the couple separated? “Madhurima continues to live in my house, but unfortunately, we do not communicate. I feel that it is better to part amicably, retaining respect for each other, instead of matters precipitating to a level where we do not even like to see each other’s faces.”

Sonu’s is the classic case of once-bitten-twice-shy as far as marriage and love are concerned. “Right now, It is too early for me to say whether I will fall in love with another woman.”

Ironically, Sonu’s album Chanda Ki Doli, brought out by T-Series, is an out-and-out romantic album, even though the romance has crept out of the singer’s life. Will Sonu and Madhurima be able to iron out their differences? Only time will tell.

Courtesy: Mid-day