My wife had to be the one who is a movie buff like me, Sajid Khan

HOUSEFULL comfortably crossing the 30 crore mark in the matter of one single weekend, the film has placed Sajid Khan in the top of league of directors who have been unleashing commercial formula movie. "Nobody in the world loves cinema more than me. I am 90% audience and just a 10% director. HOUSEFULL was never meant to be a 'leave your brains behind' kind of a film. It has a very intelligent and sexy screenplay. I respect my audience." said Sajid.  
"HOUSEFULL was always meant for universal audience while unleashing Sajid's brand of comedy. HEYY BABYY was a comedy with drama. It was actually a 'dramady', just like MUNNABHAI series. On the other hand HOUSEFULL is a romantic comedy entertainer." Sajid added.  

After two hugely successful films under his belt and is also on the right side of 40s, when is he looking at settling down? "Arrey, I sleep, love and sh&* movies. I am nearly 40 and still unmarried because my wife had to be the one who is a movie buff like me since she was born. Do you know of someone like that? Then please introduce me to her." said Sajid with a huge smile.