My nights are filled with pleasure, Kareena on baby Taimur

Like every new mom, Kareena Kapoor Khan is also having sleepless nights but the actress is not irritated and enjoying every bit of motherhood.

Talking about son Taimur Ali Khan, she says she is enjoying the change in life after the baby’s birth, "Priorities always change, and my priorities have changed too after Taimur's birth. I multi-task. And just how everybody has kids and everybody manages life, I'm also doing that", says Kareena. 

Kareena has been very active during her pregnancy period and soon she will return to the set, Kareena adds, "Adventure has just started. Motherhood is such a personal experience for me that I can't even ask Karisma (Kapoor) for tips and suggestions. Your relationship with your son is different."

When asked whether Taimur keeps her awake at nights, Kareena replied, "I don't have sleepless nights, these are more of joyous nights, filled with pleasure”.

Kareena says she is reading scripts, "I am reading scripts. I have to see how to balance my life right now. For now, my focus is to work. I have worked throughout my pregnancy, and I will work even now. I would like to do one film at a time. Being a mother has nothing to do with choosing a script. It is my film career so I will choose", the actress quips. 

When asked about ‘Veera Di Wedding, Kareena said, "Veera Di Wedding will start in May, so I would like to talk about it then too."

Kareena has always been open about her personal life, she quips, "Everything I do is with my heart! I was asked not to get married because I was at the peak of my career, but I did, and nothing affected my career. I have been open about everything in my life, from my films to relationships to marriage. Probably that's what my fans appreciate and relate it to my personality. I am not trying to hide away."

Kareena Kapoor Khan showered praise on ‘Rangoon’, the actress said, "Vishal Bhardwaj films are like art and they attract extreme reactions. You will either love it or dislike. He caters to a certain audience. Some critics have revered it. What I love about Vishalji's films is that in his films the actors shine out."