My niece was literally born into my arms, Bebo

No, it’s not only Saif Ali Khan that is driving our Bebo crazy but also her dearest niece Samaira. Kareena Kapoor bonds very well with her niece and feels great to see her growing before her eyes. Whenever she gets time, she runs to Samaira to spend time with her.

"She was literally born into my arms! Being with her makes me forget who I am and the daily grind my profession makes me go through. Watching her grow up is such a great experience. We talk to each other a lot and she always likes to tell me what happened at her dance classes," says Kareena.

According to Bebo, Samaira has already developed a great ear for music. "The moment she hears a good number, she dances to it. This is a sure indicator to me about how the track would fare in the long run. She likes to draw too, you know," says the vibrant mausi.

Bebo says that if she depends on her niece to select a music number, then it's her sister Karishma she turns to when it comes to decide film projects. "It's true that it was Lolo (Karisma) who told me to take up the movie opposite Salman. I have been watching Salman since I was nine years old and an earlier movie with him didn't do as expected. But she insisted that I take up Main Aur Mrs Khanna because it had a great script and also because she felt I would look very good with Salman. I trusted her blindly on that."