No one in Bollywood can match Pataudi's look, feels son Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan, the 44-year old actor- producer and the son of the famous Tiger Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore was always keen on making a film on his famous father’s life. But recently he feels that he might gather his father’s curse if he tries to do so. He also feels that his father was very handsome and there is no actor as handsome as his father who can be assigned his role. In one of his interviews he said “It's such a good story as he used to tell me such interesting things. But, we can't make a Bollywood film because if we put a song in this, he would curse me for this. Nobody can do his acting and he was so handsome that nobody can play his role". Moreover he added "I don't have too much footage. I have pictures and if you look at his black and white footage, you will know why we are not making his film because he was so handsome."  

Though many may feel that Saif is exaggerating about his father’s handsomeness, but to their dismay the answer is ‘No’. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi, the son of Ifthiker Ali, was the ninth titular Nawab of Pataudi. He was extremely dashing and handsome. He was perhaps considered as India’s first sports superstar. Women of his generation drooled over him.

Tiger Pataudi started his cricket career at Sussex in 1957. A car accident in 1961 damaged his right eye. His fans were afraid that this might be the end of his cricketing career, but Nawab Pataudi learnt to play with one eye. He is often considered as one of the best captains of Indian cricket team. He is also remembered for his dignified look and attitude. Though he married one of the best ever beauties of Bollywood, he was never interested about the tinsel town. He was neither a great lover of commercial movies. But his only son chose to be an actor rather than a sportsman.

Depicting his father’s life on the silver screen was always a dream project for him but keeping in mind the hurdles that would come up while executing the project he has put down the idea for now. He is now looking forward to his upcoming films like ‘Thagi’, ‘Phantom’, ‘Judwaa2’ etc. At present Saif Ali Khan is busy with the promotion of his film ‘Happy Ending’ which is to be released on 21st November.