My daughter will always be Isabella for me, Fardeen Khan

Fardeen Khan and wife Natasha became proud parents of a baby girl on December 11, 2013 and the ecstatic father can’t hold his happiness and emotions and tears rolled on to see his child for the first time. The new born has been named Diani Isabella Khan but Fardeen will always call her Isabella.

"We were aware that we were going to have a daughter which is how we had the name ready. Diani is Portuguese for Divinity and Isabella is a name I have always loved. My daughter will always be Isabella for me. As for her, we've given her two names, she can choose what she wants," he says.

For the last two years, Natasha has been living in London with her mother Mumtaz. But Fardeen said that Isabella will be raised in Mumbai. "Once she's done with her vaccinations and it's safe to travel with her, we'll bring her to Mumbai which is her home. She will be brought up here," he says.

The entire family is in London at this juncture of happiness "My mother is here and so are Natasha's parents (Mayur Madhwani and Mumtaz). I think it's as special for them as it is for us. I wish my father (Feroz Khan) had been here too. He is greatly missed but I know that whatever joy comes into my life is because of his blessings. I'm a part of him and my daughter is a part of me. I'm gearing up for the life-long responsibility of bringing her up well," he adds.

The mother and the baby will get discharged within a week and Fardeen has decorated everything in pink.

Fardeen describes the experience of fatherhood "awesome, lifechanging experience".  "It stuns you, shocks you. Your eyes fill up and so does your heart, with pure love and joy," he says, relieved that both his wife Natasha (Mumtaz's daughter) and their baby are healthy. "Since she's just a day old, it's hard to say yet who she looks like. What's important is that she has all her toes and fingers, and her brain is intact."

Natasha who is married to Firoz Khan’s son Fardeen Khan lost twin babies last year and since then she  has been in London with her mom Mumtaz and Fardeen has been shuttling between the British capital and Mumbai.

"Natasha has been through the worst to have our baby and today she deserves all the happiness in the world," he says emotionally.