My daughter was never pregnant, never got raped; Disha Salian’s father

Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-manager Disha Salian committed suicide just six days before the actor was found dead at his residence. Disha’s suicide file again opened up while CBI is investigating the ‘Kedarnath’ actor’s suicide case and various fabricated reports are being circulated on media.  

Disha’s father Satish Salian is highly disturbed with false reports been spread about her daughter and he clarified in a statement that his daughter was never pregnant nor she got raped.

Satish Salian told India Today that the rumours being spread about his daughter and her death were false. “As media has freedom of speech, we also have right of privacy, do not interfere in our life please. I request you all please. Police have explained me. They showed whole case evidences, post mortem report. My daughter was never pregnant, she never got pregnant. Rape never happened, organs are clear,” he said. Disha’s mother added that she has faith in the Mumbai Police, who she believes are doing their job properly.

The 28-year-old Salainal reportedly killed herself by jumping off a high-rise in Mumbai’s Malad area on June 8 just six days before Sushant was found hanging at his apartment on suburban Bandra. Police is trying to find whether there is any link to both the deaths. While digging the truth, various false news are being cropped up about Disha.

On Wednesday, Disha’s father wrote a letter to assistant commissioner of police (ACP), Malvani, in which he alleged that media persons were harassing his family by repeatedly questioning their faith in Mumbai Police. In his letter he alleged that “news about her (Disha’s) involvement with any politician or attending parties with big names of the film fraternity, rape and murder are all stories cooked up by media people just to sell it to channels and these stories hold no truth.”