Muslim groups protest outside Salman’s house

Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s comment about Shahrukh Khan’s detention did not go well with some Muslim groups and they protested outside Salman Khan’s house demanding an apology from the actor. Salman commented that Shahrukh’s detention is not a big deal and many people flying to America have to go through such questioning and security process and so there need not to make any hue and cry about the matter.

A few Muslim groups felt Salman’s comment about King Khan was insulting. In protest, the Muslim gathered outside Salman’s house and demanded apology from the actor. They felt that at this crucial juncture when majority of Muslims are being treated as terrorists in US, Salman should have stand behind Shahrukh forgetting his personal bitterness.  They even added that it is a matter of great concern for the entire Muslim community and the two stars need to forget their personal rivalry and come together.
Ironically, they were the same Muslim groups that accused Shahrukh Khan of making an unparliamentary comment against the Prophet in the Time N Style magazine and issue a fatwa.