Music singer Shaan and his new album ‘Tishnagi’

Shantanu or better known as Shaan to one and all in the music world made his mark in the music industry with a remix version of the great R.D.Burman’s song ‘RoopTera Mastana’ along with singer sister Sagarika. At the time Indi-pop was creating a rage in the music industry and Shaan’s style of Indi-pop was well appreciated. He later came out with his album ‘Loveology’. This album reflected his days in college; the album was young, hip, light and fun. The album was definitely appreciated especially by the youth, but it was Shaan’s album ‘Tanha Dil’ that catapulted him to immense success.
Shaan comes from a family where music has always been their passion and backbone and hence even though he never formally learnt music, it has always been there in him to create music. His father, Manas Mukherjee was a music composer in the film industry and he has composed for films like Shayad and Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon aata hai. Unfortunately though he had to go through an immense struggle during his times in the film industry. His mother too was into singing. Unfortunately after a bitter struggle in the film industry, Shaan’s father passed away when his son was merely 14 yrs.

Shaan claims that he is a self-taught musician. In his earlier days though, he was more into English pop and rock music, however he began his foray into Hindi music after hearing songs and ghazals from the likes of R.D.Burman, Mehdi Hassan, Ghulam Ali and Jagjit Singh. Shaan claims that his popular hit album ‘Tanha Dil was “an album when I felt some kind of a lonely feeling as all my friends were going abroad in the hope of finding work.” After ‘Tanha Dil’, Shaan got his first break in bollywood when he sang the song ‘Musu Musu’ which was immediately loved by the audiences and after that there was no looking back. His career in the film industry took off; he has sung plenty of songs in bollywood films. Shaan’s biggest hit was ‘Dus Bahane’ from the film Dus in 2005. The song won several awards and became a hit.

Shaan however is not totally smitten with the film industry, even to date he makes albums that satisfy him creatively as a singer, rather than film albums. One such album is his recent ‘Tishnagi’ in which his wife and great friend Radhika has featured in a video. Through ‘Tishnagi’ Shaan has “fulfilled his wish in making music that will always be a friend, that one can turn to when one feels alone or when one wants their friend to speak their same language.” Unfortunately though today Shaan feels music has become more about marketing and business strategy. According to him most music companies tell their singers what kind of music is working and what kind of music to make, so that they can have a hit and sales can go up. But Shaan feels that apart from the bollywood music he does, he needs to make albums that are non-filmi where the music has a message to common people.

Shaan feels that today’s music has become too commercialized and today’s music suffers from lack of time and dedication devoted to it. He feels today’s music and songs are become pretty instant with music composers churning out one hit song after the other, while in earlier times the maestros took days to write and compose songs. Shaan himself in not completely focused on the nuances of music like ragas. Among those musicians of today’s times whom he feels have a unique quality in their music are, Jatin-Lalit, A.R.Rehamn and even the most underrated music composer, Anu Mallik. Shaan feels that his voice is being appreciated in the film industry and he is deriving success as he has a metrosexual voice that suits most actors and is also adaptable to sing different genres of music.

Another important move in Shaan’s career has been his musical show, Saregamapa on a national as well as international scale. The show has further boosted Shaan’s popularity and made him a household name. Shaan feels that Saregamapa “is perhaps the biggest, the most popular show as far as the NRI community is concerned.” Shaan says “Saregamapa is really big and people love it in the USA.” Shaan claims that even the revised format of the show has gone down pretty well with the audiences. He feels the new format has made the show more modern, funkier and interactive. He thoroughly enjoys the experience and adulation that he receives from the show.

Currently Shaan is touring America with a five member band and seems to be relaxing and enjoying the experience.