Music composer Pyarelal die-hard fan of ‘Indian Idol Junior’

Renowned music composer Pyarelal made his appearance in the finale episode of singing reality show ‘Indian Idol Junior’.  He performed with live orchestra with a huge band of 45 members. He started the performance with medley numbers from his composed songs. It was a melodious evening. Everyone was mesmerized with his performance.

The final four contestants of ‘Indian Idol Junior’ are Debanjana Karmarkar, Anmol Jaiswal, Nirvesh Dave and Anjana Padmanabhan. The judges of the show are Shreya Ghosal and music composer duo Vishal and Shekhar. Shreya joined the final contestants in singing ‘Satyam shivam sundaram’.

The episode will be telecasted on 31st August. The show began on 1st June with 11 contestants and 1st September will see the grand finale.

This is the first season of ‘Indian Idol Junior’. Karan Wahi and Mandira Bedi are the hosts of the show. Among the finalists, Nirvesh is from Ahmedabad, Anmol is from Jammu, Debanjana is from west Bengal and Anjana is from Bengalaru.  

Pyarelal was born in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh on 3rd September, 1940. He is the son of a trumpeter. From his father only, Pyarelal learnt the basics of music. Then he started learning violin at a very young age from his teacher, Anthony Gonsalves. The song ‘My name is Anthony Gonsalves’ from film ‘Amar, Akbar, Anthony’ was composed by duo Lakshmikant-Pyarelal. The song was marked as a tribute to Pyarelal’s violin teacher. Later, Pyarelal’s financial condition forced him to play music (violin) in studios.

He met Lakshmikant in one of the studios. Both became friends as their financial condition and job was similar. Both worked hard to get work. Then later, Lata Mangeshkar noticed them and recommended them to a number of music directors. In the initial days, they became music arrangers for duo composers Kalyanji-Anandji. Later on they became independent music composers. Mohd.Rafi and Lata sang a number of songs for Lakshmikant-Pyarelal. Even Late Kishore Kumar sang a number of songs for them. Their music became very popular. The duo gave music in most of the movie in 70’s and 80’s. In 1998, Lakshmikant died and Pyarelal was left alone. He didn’t compose many songs after that. Independently he gave the music for one song ‘Dhoom Tana’ from ‘Om Shanti Om’. In 2009 Pyarelal was conferred with the Sachin Dev Burman International Award for Creative Sound and Music at the Pune Film Festival.