Murphy Enterprise send legal notice to Barfi!

UTV, the makers of movie ‘Barfi’ have been slapped a legal notice by Murphy Enterprises. Murphy Enterprises owns Murphy Radio, which featured the cute Murphy baby in their advertisement in the mid 60s and 70s. The company is particularly miffed with UTV for not seeking the permission to use their brand name. This leads to an infringement of trademark.

Murphy Enterprises have accused UTV that the name Murphy has been used several times in the film. It has been used in the song ‘Ala- Barfi’ by Mohit Chauhan. The lyrics of the song is like: "Barfi jo amma ji ki kokh mein tha soya/amma ne murphy ka radio mangaya/barfi munna jaisa lalla/amma ka tha sapna/ munna jab haule haule duniya mein aaya/baba ne Ceylon wala station lagaya/radio on hua, amma off hui/toota har sapna."

In fact they accuse that the protagonist also wish to be like the Murphy baby. In the movie the character of Ranbir Kapoor is also named Murphy but he is called Barfi by everyone.

Sujit Kurup, the legal counsel of Murphy Enterprise, told to a leading daily, “the film has used the name of the brand extensively. Apart from the song, the storyline too has Murphy incorporated in it. We hear the hero's ambition in the film is to become Murphy munna. Not only have they used the client's name without our NOC but they have also done a negative portrayal of the brand. This is clearly a case of trademark infringement."

The legal notice which dates to September 10th said that the producers of Barfi haven’t asked for a NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the company. The company has also said that if their objection is not taken seriously they may even ask for a stay on the release of the movie.

Barfi releases this Friday, September 11th. Speaking further to reporters advocate Kurup said, “If they do not respond to our notice, we will seek an injunction and ask for a stay of the release of the film.” Murphy Enterprises is seeking a compensation of 50 crores.

UTV was however not affected by this. Its spokes person quite belligerently said, “We are clear that there has been no infringement whatsoever and we are in the process of sending a response to the said notice.”

The audience only hopes that this controversy is cleared soon and we can see Barfi this Friday at the theaters.