'Murder 2' trailer too hot to handle

Mahesh Bhatt’s produced and Mohit Suri’s directed ‘Murder’ sequel is going to be too hot and sexy. Loads of love scenes are included in ‘Murder 2’ and the trailer is a proof. To make the teaser watchable the makers have decided to re-shot a song titled, ‘Haale Dil’ picturised on Emraan Hashmi and Jacqueline Fernandez.

A source has revealed, “The ‘Haale Dil’ song, which features Jacqueline Fernandez and Emraan Hashmi, had to be reshot as the original was too explicit and hot. The chemistry between the actors has to be seen to be believed and the song could have easily been a concern with the censor board.”

When contacted, Mahesh Bhatt agreed that the song has been made few changes to get ‘A’ certificate from the censor. He said, “We did not re-shoot the song entirely, but yes, some scenes were shot keeping in mind the norms of the censor board. The censor has seen the film and we have got an ‘A’ certificate without any cuts.”

Director Mohit Suri said that though the song has undergone few changes but it is equally sexy as the original.