Munnabhai and Circuit learn English to go to America

Munnabhai M.B.B.S and Lage Raho Munnabhai were super hit films and the audiences were extremely touched by the concept of Gandhigiri in the latter. As soon as the second part was out, there was already talk of the third sequel. And although producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani are yet scripting the third sequel, they have already formed an idea or background for the third film in the series. Producer Chopra wants to incorporate a promo of the next film titled Munnabhai Chale Amrika in his directorial venture Eklavya which was recently shot at Karjat.
The promo is based around both Munnabhai and Circuit learning English for their journey to America. Sanjay and Arshad have shot for the promo and are extremely excited to get started on the third series. The Munnabhai-Circuit duo hopes to be able to create the charm once more onscreen with their third series Munnabhai Chale Amrika. Earlier there were talks that the film is based on Munnabhai meeting George Bush, but both producer and director are keeping quiet about the main story idea of the film at this point. Well we can’t wait to watch the promo of the third sequel and give us a clue of what the film is about.

Will Preity and Ness be the next couple to tie the knot?

While Preity belongs to the glamour world, beau Ness belongs to a prominent business family. The two have been seeing each other since quite a while now and seem to be going pretty steady despite several rumours of a split. Recently Preity celebrated her birthday on January 31st, and now once again there are rumours that the bubbly actress and beau Ness maybe the next bollywood couple to walk down the aisle after Ash-Abhi. Preity is also doing less and selective films and has only one upcoming release Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Sources claim that the actress is doing few films as she wants to concentrate on her personal life and is heading towards marriage.

Preity and Ness have been fairly open about their romantic relationship and have been spotted together several times. Recently Preity also lambasted the media for falsely accusing boyfriend Ness of beating up a labourer. Last year beau Ness threw a surprise party for Preity which was attended by the who’s who of bollywood. This year too we’re sure that the two lovebirds celebrated Preity’s birthday in style. As for the couple walking down the aisle, Preity and Ness have not yet confirmed anything but who knows, let’s wait and watch!

Salmam not interested in making peace with Vivek

Salman Khan is known to hold on to a grudge and actor John Abraham is well versed with this side of Salman as he is currently experiencing it. A few years back when Vivek Oberoi was relatively new in the film industry, he unwittingly took on the mighty Salman Khan and it was all for the love of Miss Rai. Salman and Vivek had shared some nasty words then and both the media and public were witness to all this. Unfortunately since this fiasco Vivek’s career has never managed to take off and so now after the lady in question has finally moved on to better prospects, Vivek is desperate to get on Salman’s good side. Vivek has made several attempts to make peace with Salman, but the latter has rebuffed him time and again.

Recently too both Salman and Vivek were in Dubai shooting for their films. Salman was shooting with brother Sohail for David Dhawan’s Partner and Vivek was shooting along with Arbaaz Khan for Ahmed Khan’s Fool and Final. Both of them being in Dubai, Vivek tried to meet up with Salman several times, but the latter was really not interested in forgiving or forgetting. In fact even both of Salman’s brothers, Sohail and Arbaaz who is working alongside Vivek also ignore him. Vivek is desperately trying to get Salman to speak to him, but to no avail. Some time back Vivek also went to see Salman’s ailing mother Salma in hospital when Salman was in jail. Unfortunately Salman was not impressed with Vivek’s supposed kind gesture and didn’t even bother to later talk to Vivek and thank him.

Amitabh gets kicked in the head by camel while shooting for Eklavya

Amitabh Bachchan is extremely happy with the way his personal life is going, son Abhishek’s impending marriage with Ash and Abhi’s critically appreciated role in Guru. Big B too is busy with his set of films, Ramgopal Varma’s Nishabd and Sholay remake etc. Amitabh will also be seen in Eklavya-The Royal Guard which stars several other actors, the film had been stalled for quite a while but is now finally complete and will soon release. However Amitabh recently had a narrow escape when a camel accidentally kicked his head while shooting for a scene in Eklavya. Fortunately due to wearing a huge turban on his head for the scene, Amitabh was not hurt.

Amitabh was shooting a scene where he had to pass through a herd of 400 camels. However while shooting the scene, Amitabh felt one of the camels land a kick on his head and for a while he was a bit dizzy. But then due to the huge turban tied on his head nothing serious happened to him. However ironically nobody on the sets even noticed this accident and only later when Amitabh told them the story and kept saying the turban had saved his life and after watching the entire thing caught on the monitor the crew realized what had happened. That was a narrow escape for Amitabh but nonetheless it didn’t faze Mr. Bachchan and he continued with his shooting.

Amrita Arora feels Usman Afzal is the man she will marry

Malaika Arora Khan’s younger sister actress Amrita Arora’s career may not be going great but her personal life definitely seems to be on a high. Although Amrita is not thinking of marriage right now, she is very sure that beau cricketer Usman Afzal is the man that she wants to marry one day. In fact Amrita has said “I’m certain this is the man for me. We’ll make it legal whenever it’s the right time for both of us.” Amrita has been in a few high profile relationships before but she firmly believes that this time it’s the right thing and the right person for her.

Amrita and Usman have been spotted together at several places and even her family approves of Usman. Recently Amrita celebrated her birthday on 31st January and beau Usman flew all the way from Pakistan to be with his ladylove and make her day special. Amrita brought in her birthday on the sets of her next comedy film Kuch Love Kuch Drama. She and Usman also attended the popular show on television Kaun Banega Crorepati which had a celebrity special episode with sister Malaika and Arbaaz in the hot seat. Amrita and Usman have been together for a while now and seem to be going pretty strong; it is no wonder then that Amrita seems pretty sure that she will one day tie the knot with beau Usman. Well we wish them all the best!