Mumbai police booked Alok Nath for raping writer Vinta Nanda

Fresh trouble for veteran actor Alok Nath. He was booked by Mumbai police after writer Vinta Nanda filed rape case against Alok Nath. This is the consequence of #MeToo movement. Joining the #MeToo flame, Vinta Nanda revealed her panic to the world which she had experienced years back.

 "The Oshiwara police has registered an FIR against Alok Nath for rape on the complaint filed by Vinta”, said senior police officer Manoj Sharma.

Alok Nath has been booked under section 376 of IPC (rape).

Nanda had then said in a statement to IANS, “The police was very co-operative and they took my statement. It was not easy for me to give my statement as it is like reliving your pain. We have given a written complaint against Alok Nath and they registered the same," Nanda said, adding that she gave her statement to a female police sub-inspector.

Vinta's Lawyer Dhruti Kapadia has said in her statement, " After inquiring about the case for almost a month,  the cops have taken her final statement last night and booked Aloknath under section 376 (rape) and 377 (Unnatural offences) of IPC. We demand immediate arrest of Aloknath."

On October 8, writer Vinta Nanda on her Facebook post made the shocking revelation that she was raped by the Sanskari Babu 19 years ago after a party which was attended by both of them.

The post worked as a fire and after that more actors like Sandhya Mridul and Deepika Amin too came out and accused Alok Nath of sexual harassment.  

Following the serious allegations against the senior most actor of the industry, The Cine and TV artistes’ Association (CINTAA) expelled Alok Nath from it.  Amit Behl, Sr Joint Secretary and Chairman of CINTAA, said, “The decision was taken when Alok did not appear for the ICC meeting. He should have been there.”

Advocate Dhruti Kapadia, who represented Vinta Nanda informed, "This is a landmark decision. Vinta Nanda must be very happy. It just shows that women can now speak up about their personal harassment and seek justice. The system is getting cleaned up. There is hope."