Mumbai Court rejects Jiah Khan’s mother plea

Earlier this year, one of the news that shocked Bollywood was the alleged suicide of actress, Jiah Khan. It was a case that was shrouded with mystery and led to a lot of speculation. The latest turn on this case was that Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan had filed an application seeking video recording of the autopsy performed on the late actress and the toxicology report. The plea had been turned down by a local Mumbai Court.

Rabiya Khan alleged that her daughter had not committed suicide, but had been murdered. She stuck to her allegation saying that she had strong reasons to believe so. Moreover, she said that the police were framing the case in a manner so as to prevent the truth from coming out. Due to this, the case was being hushed up and was being played along as per the police. Rabiya Khan called the probe shoddy saying, ‘The matter which could have been investigated as a murder case has been converted into a suicide case. The investigation is so bad that the police have hardly left any possibility of getting the accused convicted of any offence.’

The case was initially held as suicide as 25 year old Jiah was found hanging from the ceiling at her Juhu residence. She had apparently left behind a six page note accusing her boyfriend Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab. Later on, the case took a turn for murder as during the autopsy, human flesh and blood smears had been found. Moreover, there were blood smears on her inner garments. These signs strongly suggested a struggle before death. Rabiya has accused Sooraj of committing the murder, most probably as a result of Jiah’s alleged pregnancy and later on using his family’s clout to seal the case in his favour.

The forensic report had a lot of loopholes suggesting struggle, previous killing before staging it as a suicide and other signs. The injury marks were more than expected, signs of a broken entry and a possible case of strangulation also govern the case. Rabiya Khan, acting on these assumptions also insisted on a CBI enquiry into the case. For now, her plea for the autopsy video has been rejected.

 Jiah Khan was found hanging in her room on June 3, 2013. A week later, her boyfriend, Sooraj was arrested. He was granted bail by Mumbai High Court on July 2.