Multiple climaxes for Ravan

Mani Ratnam’s Ravan has been in news for various reasons since the day of launch. The latest buzz doing rounds regarding Ravan is that Mani Rathnam had shot four climaxes for Raavan and hold your imaginations, It seems that in one of the climaxes Raavan wins the heart of Seetha. Seetha overcomes Raavan’s tantrums and reaches Rama in another; whereas other two climaxes show Rama dying in one and Ravana dying in another.

The director had kept everyone guessing as even unit members are not aware of what’s running in his mind. Already there have been enough controversies around movies showing epics and religious practices in different light. Hope Ravan doesn’t run into controversies.

Raavan, said to be the modern adaptation of the epic Ramayana, revolves around Raavana, the ruler of Lanka, who kidnapped Sita. The story culminates with Sita supporting Raavana instead of Rama, who suspects her chastity after having spent so much time in Raavana’s custody. Vikram plays the villain. Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai are the lead pair in Hindi, while Vikram will play the lead opposite Aishwarya in Tamil.