Mughda not allowed to see nude Neil

Neil Nitin Mukesh strips his pant and goes complete naked in his forthcoming film Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Jail’. As the scene is very controversial and bizarre, it has been shot in the presence of few people and shy Neil did not want Mughda to see him going complete naked and so the director has made Mugdha Godse to seat in her vanity van for three long hours.

According to a source, “Neil Mukesh has done a scene in the film where he goes naked as the police inspect him once he enters the jail. The actor requested Madhur to give him privacy for the scene and thus Mugdha was sort of locked in her vanity van for about three hours, till the scene was finalized.

Initially the actress was little hesitant but later co-operated and didn’t mind being locked for three hours. She watched IPL in her ‘forced’ break, while Neil smoothly shot the scene with just four people present around him.”

Madhur is a realistic director. He goes every extent to bring realism on-screen and made his actors to perform any daring scene with ease. Neil too is very excited to work with directors like Madhur Bhandarkar at the budding stage of his career and performing such challenging role.