‘Mr. X’ aka Emraan Hashmi “won’t think before killing someone”

The upcoming ‘Mr. X’ starring young actress Amyra Dastur with Emraan Hashmi is an extraordinary one- it’s an exciting blend of science fiction and thriller. Emraan, who plays and invisible man in the film, say that the movie is good enough to be a franchisee. He says, “The film has been designed to have a long run like ‘Mr X 1’, ‘Mr X 2’ and so on... But the final decision will depend on the box-office success of the first film.”

The actor clears the misconception of audience, “Many people are misconstruing it as a superhero but I will not put Mr X in that space. Whether he becomes like that will be known if there is a trilogy. Mr X is not a superhero because if I compare him Batman, he would still think before killing Joker but Mr X won’t think before killing someone.” After discussing the dynamic personality of Mr. X, Emraan tells how this role is a new one for him, “This is the first time I am doing a family entertainer and before this I have always played devious roles.

Emraan then reveals what an exciting avatar he would be seen in - “Mr X is a righteous ATS officer, he works for the anti-terrorist cell. He goes through a very traumatic incident, which almost kills him then he rises from the ashes and he has a kind of ailment where his cells stop reflecting light. This ailment becomes a boon later and he realises he has superpowers. But he is not using them to save humanity. In that way, he is still a little bit of grey. If he becomes a society saviour in the coming parts, is yet to be seen but in this film, he is in revenge-seeking mode.”

Emraan is already famous for his serial kisser image. He says that he was reluctant to go erotic in this one too, so the love scenes have been kept short. “I was little hesitant to have them in the film because I have already done that... I did not want to bring the erotic quotient to the film but the kissing scenes have been shot aesthetically,” Emraan says. The film is blessed with 3D effects and Emraan is confident that this element will bring success, “The technology has gone way ahead from the ‘Raaz’ days, it has become a much more immersive experience. In fact, in this film, you are going to feel every minute there is something coming at you.”