'Mr. Singh & Mrs. Mehta'

Aamir Khan and Rani MukherjeeThat's the title of music director turned film-maker Vishal [MAKDEE, MAQBOOL] Bharadwaj's next project. And guess who is Vishal contemplating signing for the roles of Mr. Singh and Mrs. Mehta? Aamir Khan and Rani Mukerji, respectively.
Trustworthy sources inform us that Vishal has already had a series of meetings with Aamir and the dedicated actor is expected to sign on the dotted line in a week from now, hopefully.
As for Rani, Vishal has spoken to the actress, but she hasn't heard the script in entirety. Nonetheless, talks are very much on...

Though Vishal has been stamped an 'arthouse film-maker', MR. SINGH & MRS. MEHTA will be his first attempt at commercial cinema. A romantic comedy, it is expected to roll next year.

P.S.:- Vishal is planning a film with Big B as well.

Courtesy: Indiafm