Mother’s Day special: Deepika, Shraddha, Farhan share throwback pic

On the occasion of Mother’s day, Bollywood celebrities in their own way paid tribute and expressed their feelings for their respective moms. Deepika Padkune shares a throwback picture of her with her mom Ujjala Padukone. The picture is very cute and it shows Deepika as a toddler playing in the arms of her mother, wrapping in a white towel.

Shraddha Kapoor also shared an old picture of her with her mother on her Instagram handle. The image has a toddler Shraddha looking on innocently while mom Shivangi cuddles her. Shraddha wrote, “My mommy. My best friend. The wind beneath my wings. My everything. I love you more than words can express. Thank you for being you. Happy Mother’s Day!!!”

Farhan Akhtar shared a lovely picture of his mother Honey Irani on Instagram and wrote, “So much of a mothers time is dedicated to her children, that she could have, consciously or unconsciously, put aside some dream or goal she had for herself. Today, ask her if there is any such unfulfilled dream and if so, support her to achieve it. Like she has you through your life. Happy Mothers Day.” Anupam Kher wrote on Twitter, “#HappyMothersDay.:) #Dulari #HomeMaker #PushkarsWife #BittuAndRajusMom.”

Sushant Singh Rajput also shared some heartfelt messages on Instagram, “Why do I feel that I would suddenly wake up from this dream and would hear you calling my name ? #Maa , ” Sushant wrote on Instagram. The actor shared yet another lovely picture and captioned it as,”Right from when you embraced me for the first time, till I embraced you for the last time, those were the best moments of my life.You still live as everything that’s good in me. I miss you a lot.”

Raveena Tandon pens an emotional letter on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Here’s what she wrote:-

Dear mom,

Right from the time I opened my eyes, I remember seeing the most beautiful woman in front of me. That was and is you, mum. I see you now, growing, ageing so beautifully and gracefully. If anyone has taught me to age with grace and beauty, that is you, mum. I have seen you being compassionate, strong and tough —all rolled into one. I have seen you care about everything and everyone, right from animals and birds to any living creature in distress. You’ve always been so giving —helping kids in orphanages,NGOs, being my strength, teaching me to fight and be emotionally tough, inspiring me to stand up for myself and voice my opinions. I have learnt so much from you. What I see in myself is a part of you.

I still remember the first time my daughter opened her eyes. We were in the hospital. I was lying with her at 1.30 in the morning and looking at this angelic, cherubic, pure face of God staring up at me so innocently. I suddenly remembered my teenage rebellion years. I still remember I called you up at 2am and I told you that all I want to say is sorry. When you asked me, ‘for what’, I told you, ‘for all those years that I might have put you through those harrowing times, that maybe you would have spent sleepless nights because of me. I want to apologise for the doors that I have slammed on your face whenever we argued. I want to apologise a thousand times because I know how hurt you must have been.’

Whether it was staying awake till the time I came back home from a friend’s party or sitting outside my door as I went through my first heartbreak sobbing away, you were always there.

And one’s parents are always there.

You have been there to pick me up when I fell. From my first crush to the very end of personal and professional failures, you were there to pick up the pieces and put me back together again. A simple thank you is not at all enough.

I have had my first glass of champagne with you and dad. I have had my first beer with you two. Those nights of snuggling together and giggling away,discussing our first crushes.When I told you about my first crush, I remember you telling me about your crush, a Hollywood hero called Tony Curtis,(from the movie “Some Like It Hot”) There was always freedom given to me and an assurance that ‘I’m there’ and you can discuss anything with me.
raveena tandon