Most expensive body suit for SRK

As Shahrukh Khan turns superhero, other than fireworks as King Khan aims to do that in his royal style for his upcoming venture 'Ra 1'.From his looks, mean machines and gear that he will sport in the film to his body suit, SRK will be one superhero beyond imaginations.   

His most anticipated film so far is yet to hit the silver screen. However, SRK’s body suit for the film is already in news. It is said to be the most expensive body suit in Bollywood. Estimated to be for an enormous sum of Rs 1 crore, the suit will be especially made for the movie in Los Angeles. Though the moolah spent on this fancy gear should be enough to Surprise us all wait till you hear the tedious process though which the suit was designed.  
Talking about the procedure a source said, "SRK was required to lower himself wearing just the bare essentials into a 12X3 chamber while a very warm liquid latex-like material was gradually released in it till it reached his neck. Then it was allowed to solidify. Once the mould was formed, it was slit from the side and slowly peeled off Shah Rukh. The whole painful process took one hour."

"The suit is steel blue in colour and made of a special material like reinforced latex, meant to provide both flexibility and protection. It acts as a tough exoskeleton to minimise external injury while being flexible enough not to hamper body movement while performing stunts," according to sources.