Morphed Photos of the Bollywood Diva Vidya Balan

Bollywood flicks are popular not only inside the boundaries of the Indian sub continent but also across the world. Therefore, it is no wonder that the Hindi movie fans will be inquisitive about the actors and actresses of the tinsel town. There are times when the inquisitiveness reaches the limit of madness. There are certain elements in the industry that try to leverage profit from the popularity of the cine stars. The Bollywood actresses are the common victims of this vicious cycle. It is a common practise to super impose the faces of the heroines on the body of a naked model.

Pooja Bhatt was the first well known victim of this disgraceful practise. Naked pictures of the heroine appeared on the internet, and were the talk of the town. The agitated heroine and her father, famous director Mahesh Bhatt fought back against this shameful incident. However, the ugly trend hasn’t stopped and has picked momentum nowadays. In the recent past morphed pictures of Bollywood beauty Katrina Kaif and Sonakshi Sinha have appeared on the net. Sonakshi was fast to react and announced in her social networking site that the pictures were fake. This some what reduced the popularity of the circulating photos.

The latest victim of Bollywood is none other than the voluptuous south Indian beauty, Vidya Balan. Bikini clad sensuous photo shoots of the heroine has recently appeared on the “world wide web” and has become the hot property. The popularity garnered by the photos in a short span of time is unparallel. The photos show the diva appearing on the cover of the famous international men’s magazine, Maxim; wearing almost transparent black bikini. The fans of Vidya Balan were surprised as the heroine never appeared on such bold photo shoots.

An angry Vidya told that she has never participated in such a photo shoot and the pictures were morphed. The publishers of the magazine Maxim has also stated that they are in no way related with the photos. The photos are claimed to be on the cover of the 2011 annual issue of the magazine, which is not yet published.

The actress is shooting overseas at the moment and is devastated about the present development. She plans to take legal actions against the websites or culprits who are behind this act. It is rumoured that Sonakshi Sinha and Katrina Kaif are also planning to take legal actions against the culprits who morphed their pictures. Lets hope that the culprits are brought to the book and this malpractice gets terminated for ever