Mona Singh's MMS video is morphed, confirms expert

Last week, Television actress Mona Singh was caught in a MMS scandal. The video went viral last week, and ever since, Mona Singh has been in news. The actress filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell, and finally there is some relief for the actress.

The digital experts and senior crime branch officers have confirmed that it is indeed a morphed video, and the person in the video is not Mona Singh. The MMS clip which shows a nude woman has been manipulated. The web portals that showed this MMS clip will be penalized as per IT Act 2000 and IPC 1860.

Mona Singh was in the midst of her shoot when she got to know of the video, and immediately approached the Cyber Crime Cell. As soon as Mona Singh launched the complaint, the Mumbai police launched an investigation immediately. They immediately began tracing the IP address of the computer from where the obscene video had been uploaded.

Earlier Mona Singh had issued a statement saying, “It is just completely appalling and disgraceful that someone on the web can go to the extent of morphing my face onto someone else`s body to create a sensational video! We have filed a severe complaint at the Cyber Crime Cell and are hoping to find the culprit. People need to realise that before being actors we`re respectable women and have family and friends who we`re answerable to and who get affected by negativity that is thrown in our direction. Thankfully, my family and friends are standing by me like they always have, supporting me to see this through. If today this can happen to me, it can happen to any innocent girl and things like this can ruin lives and careers forever. This is a VERY SERIOUS issue and it needs to stop! As members of the media, journalists and editors should also take a stand against such acts and not provide the culprits with the publicity that they are hoping for as the outcome of their dastardly acts.”

Mona Singh was appalled at the turn of events and was keen to go into the depth of the issue. Being a popular television actress, someone was out to tarnish her image. Mona Singh rose to fame with her portrayal of Jassi in “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi”. She was also seen in “Jhalak Dikhla Ja” and subsequently won the show. Her current show on air is “Kya Hua Tera Vada”.