Mona Singh and I are dating, Vidyut Jamwal

Television actress and host Mona Singh cheers for her alleged boyfriend Vidyut Jamwal. Vidya Jamwal debuted in Bollywood with a negative character in ‘Force’ but his latest release ‘Commando’ won the hearts of the audience for his dynamic physique and killer looks. His performance was also applauded. Though Mona and Jamwal are said to be past lovers, hearing so much appreciation from viewers, Mona could not refrained her from watching the movie of her ex-flame.

Dressed in a casual outfit, bottle green top, blue jeans and hair tied in a bun, Mona went to see the movie of her ex-flame with group of friends at a suburban cinema on Tuesday, fourth day after the movie released.

Mona Singh was recently in the news for morphed MMS clip. A couple of months ago, Vidyut openly spoke about his relationship with Mona. “Yes, I am in love. It's impossible for someone like me to not be in love. I love being in love. This is the first time I am publicly revealing that Mona and I are dating. I tell everybody that she is the person I am with, but I don't want people to gossip about it. When I go out for dinner or a movie, I go with her. I don't hide in a corner around her”, says Vidyut during an interview.

Though the couple are said to be no longer dating, an inside source informed that they are still dating but keeping their relationship under wrap.

Nothing has been yet cleared about their relationship but it is sure that both are busy in shaping up their career. Vidyut is working hard to firm his foot in Bollywood while Mona is going great guns in her career. She has been a hot favorite among TV goers and audience are liking her in the serial 'Kya Hua Tera Vada' aired on Sony. In this serial, Mona is playing the mother of three children. Mona hogged the limelight with 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin'.