Mom-to-be Kareena spotted hanging with her girl gang

Kareena Kapoor Khan is enjoying every bit of her pregnancy journey. Apart from work, Kareena also never miss the chance of hanging out with her girl gang. Mom-to-be actress Kareena was recently spotted hanging out with her girlfriends - Malaika Arora Khan and her sister Amrita Arora and Natasha Poonawala.

Decked in black attire and jung jewellery, Kareena Kapoor Khan looks stunning. Her pregnancy glow was quite evident.

Amrita posted an amazing picture of four of them on Instagram with the caption, "Night off!"

Amrita was seen wearing a black top and Malaika looked gorgeous as ever in a white shirt and black pants.

Kareena said she will continue to work as uausl.

“If you love your job things happen naturally. I think people give too much thought that an actress has got married and now she has a kid or kids. It’s (marriage and motherhood) is a natural thing but you do continue to do normal things,” said Kareena in an interview.

“As we are actors, we are badgered with questions. Even if I was not an actor and may be a chef or anything else I would still go ahead with my life in this phase (referring to pregnancy). I love acting so why should I stop working.”

When asked if she plans to take a sabbatical, she said, “No… I don’t see it.”

Kareena will soon start shooting Rhea Kapoor’s ‘Veera Di Wedding’.

“We are going to decide when are we going to shoot. It might be in couple of days in October then I will pick up the film post delivery. I am definitely doing the film but we are going to work out when to shoot,” she said.

“If I enjoy the film I will do it and if I don’t like anything I will be blunt and tell about it. When offers come to me, I tell them (makers) openly (on doing it or not).”
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