Mom, dad reveals Salman’s secret

Salman Khan did not know where to hide his face when his mother Salma Khan and father Salim Khan revealed some of his secrets about his personal life on Farah Khan’s forthcoming show, ‘Tere Mere Beech Mein’.

Sallu’s mom and dad divulged so many hidden secrets of Salman Khan that he at last felt embarrassed. “Though it started off as a Salman Khan show, it was soon evident that the star was Salma Aunty. She was candid and natural and stole the show from her superstar son. In fact, halfway through the taping, it felt less like a show and more like we had been invited into their home. She broke so many of Salman’s bhaandas that at one point an embarrassed Salman actually didn’t know where to look even as the audience was very amused”, said a member of the audience.

This is not the end, Salim Khan finally made a contentious statement about his son that Salman always falls in love with his female leads, Salim Khan quips, “Salman always falls in love with actresses but then wants them to give up everything and stay at home much like the most special woman in his life… his mother. He has been spoilt silly by his mother.”

It was a very gharelu discussion and filled with fun.