Model Anjum Nayar held twice in 24 hrs for abusing cops

In our country, celebrity status is very often self imposed! A single movie, a floor show, or an item number in a television sop is enough to transform their attitude from ordinary citizen to an icon. The public attention that they get only adds colour to their inflated ego and gives them a false haloed identity. In such cases it is little wonder that they will not be law abiding citizens because they believe that for them laws are made to be broken.

There are numerous instances where superstars and starlets alike have allowed themselves the liberty to bend laws according to their convenience.  It is not that they are not taken into custody but their public image allows them quick release. Salman Khan one of the most popular superstar  of recent times had shocked his fans when his car ran into a bakery in Mumbai killing a person sleeping on the pavement and seriously  injuring  3 others. This was not just an accident but one caused by rash negligent and inebriated driving. Charges of homicide were framed against him but ultimately dropped.

Ronit Roy an Indian Television actor was arrested on October 27th 2011, when his high speeding Mercedes car hit a Wagon- R injuring four people. As is the convention of our country he was released after a few hours.

The Bollywood glam girl Vidya Balan has been reportedly fined several times for the tinted glass she uses in her car. When given the options to either take them down or pay a fine, the actress settled for the latter and obliged.

The latest incident happened in the wee hours of Monday when Anjum Nayer a Mumbai model was arrested for her abusive behavior with the policemen of Oshiwara who had gone to her house after receiving a complaint. The cops reported that Anjum Nayer’s neighbours had called up the police station around 1.30 am alleging that she was playing loud music creating and disturbing them. When two beat officers, following orders from their authority went up to her 20th floor apartment and requested her to reduce the volume; the model voiced abusive words and threatened them with dire consequence. Medical reports confirmed that she was under the influence of alcohol. Inspector Baburao Mukhedkar has reported that Anjum has been charged for trying to prevent a public servant from carrying out his duties. She will be produced in court.