Mithun Chakraborty joins BJP

Veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty joined BJP on Sunday. Mithun joined the massive rally addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on brigade ground.

"I am proud to be a Bengali. I know you love my dialogues," he said, and went on to recite some of his most famous one-liners.

"Marbo ekhaney...lash porbay shoshaney ('i will thrash you here. Your body will be found at the crematorium ," he said, reciting one from his 2006 hit film, "MLA fatakeshto".

"Here is my new dialogue. Ami joldhorao noi, bele borao noi... ami ekta cobra, ek chobol-ei chhobi (Don't mistake me for a harmless snake, I am a pure cobra, one strike and you become a photograph." His audience cheered wildly.

Clad in a Kurta, cap and sunglasses, the national award winner accepted the BJP flag and waved to the crowd.

It was like a dream come true, he said. "The Prime Minister of the world's biggest democracy. And I will share the stage with him. I had never dreamt of being a part of such a huge rally. I wished to work for the poorer sections of our society, and that wish will now be fulfilled."

Ever since RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat visited Mithun Chakraborty at his bungalow in Mumbai on 16 February, there sparked a speculation of the ‘Disco Dancer’ actor may join BJP.

The opposition did not leave any stone to take a jibe at Mithunda.

“Mithun Chakraborty is not a star of today. He is a star of yesteryears. He has changed parties four times. He was originally a Naxalite, then went to CPM, then he joined TMC & was made a Rajya Sabha MP”, Rajya Sabha TMC MP Saugata Roy said.

Roy claimed that the actor had earlier left Rajya Sabha after being threatened by the BJP. “The BJP threatened him (actor Mithun Chakraborty) with cases by ED & he left Rajya Sabha & now he has joined BJP. He has no credibility, no respect, and no influence among the people,” the TMC leader was quoted as saying by ANI.

Hours after joining the BJP, Mithun said he won’t jump any queues for the role of the chief minister. “If it (CM’s post) comes to me via protocol then I will consider it… but I will not jump the protocol,” he told CNN-News18 in Kolkata after sharing stage with PM Modi.

"My politics may be extreme but I am not with extremists. I won’t blame anyone but my choice to join TMC was wrong…I am not a leader. I was strongly involved in ultra left politics. I believe and still believe that I can help the poor. I supported Jyoti Basu and Subhas Chakraborty because they were people’s leaders,” said Chakraborty.

“I will work for the poor just like I have portrayed myself in films. I have helped many off screen but I never publicised it. BJP is trying to do something for the poor and if I am trying to help the poor then I need some help…I need to hold someone’s hand,” he said.