Mistaken identity: Sonu Sood trolled for Sonu Nigam’s ‘Azaan’ tweets

Actor-producer Sonu Sood became the innocent target of Twitter trolls after popular playback singer Sonu Nigam posted a slew of irritable tweets about Azaan early today (April 17), after he was woken up from sleep due to the prayer call.

Sonu Nigam faced the wrath of twiterratis and one user declared war on the ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ singer with the hashtag ‘#boycottsonu’. Some over-enthusiastic users, who love to criticize celebrities often forgetting to check facts and their targets, started abusing and trolling the ‘Kung Fu Yoga’ actor.

Confused by all the hate directed towards him, Sonu Sood took to Twitter and wrote, “I am still wondering WHO said WHAT and to WHOM and WHO's asking me to find out WHAT happened WHERE.”

Soon after, people started making fun of the confusion of identities. Users brought the reference of the similar situation of mistaken identity between e-commerce portal Snapdeal and multimedia company Snapchat that happened barely 48 hours ago.

Sonu Sood’s friend choreographer-director Farah Khan also had a funny take on the whole situation, so did comedial Tamnay Bhatt of AIB.

“HOW did you get involved n WHY??” wrote the ‘Om Shanti Om’ director, while Tanmay tweeted, “Can't wait for us to outrage at Sonu Sood for his religious comments.”

Here are some more hilarious reactions:

ð  Sonu Nigam tweets against Mosques for spoiling his sleep, Shahi Imam issued fatwa against Sonu Sood instead of Sonu Nigam.

ð  @SonuSood You are snapdeal in snapchat world

ð  @SonuSood You can be the next brand ambassador of @snapdeal

ð  @SonuSood You're just a part of fan-fiction turned non-fiction.

ð  Uninstalling @SonuSood because I'm offended by what the @snapdeal CEO said about Spain.