‘Miss World’ Manushi Chhillar visits Siddhivinayak temple

Manushi Chhillar, who made India proud by winning the prestigious ‘Miss World’ 2017 title visited Siddhivinayak temple with parents. She received a warm welcome at Mumbai international airport. She seeks the blessing of Lord Ganesha for the big win and for the days ahead. She was accompanied by her father, mother and brother. She was dressed in traditional attire.

Manushi Chhillar, a medical student attended a press conference after coming back to India.

1.I did take a one year break when I was prepping for Miss World. Now I will continue with my studies

2. To be honest, I do not remember any challenging moments, everyone was very supportive. We actually face our challenges head-on. We will face a lot of limitations. Sometimes we do feel that it's a women society. But we have to make ourselves confident and move on.

3. Yeh sirf bahari sundarta ki baat nahi. It's not the beautiful face that wins, it's that one heart who represents the beautiful faces.

4. Never give up on your dreams. I am fortunate to have parents like mine

5.Bollywood is not on my mind now.. but I would like to work in Aamir Khan feel movie because he gives challenging roles. Also, his films have a strong messages and my favorite actress is Priyanka Chopra

6.I am not taking any pressure and enjoying it. It was overwhelming to return to India. I was counting every minute of my landing in India. I couldn't sleep before landing. It was midnight when we landed and still, there was a huge crowd to welcome. I felt loved.

7.During the pageant, they all thought that I am a Bollywood actress. Jokes apart. There is no preconceived notion, we all were curious to know each other. Being an Indian and having an Indian mother I got a lot of Indian food and they all used to come and have the food. So we all gelled a lot.

8.I don't want any profession to lesser their salary. Everyone deserves an equal salary.

9.When I won in Haryana, there were lots of girls who came to me to know about Miss India.

10. I absolutely agree that sanitary pad is not a luxury and necessity. I want that the pads should be available at low cost.

11.It was a mixture of all feelings. There was a lot of anticipation on what should I do next.

12.My father has really respected that my mother is my best friend. My father calls me his dragon. He is one immense support to me.

13. My first call was to me my Miss India organization. They believed and encouraged me from the first day.

14. Talking about receiving negative flak on Twitter, she said, "It's ok to have an opinion. 100 logon mein se agar 2 log mujhe support nahi karte hai toh koi baat nahi. I will focus on the positive side."
manushi chhillar
manushi chhillar
manushi chhillar
manushi chhillar
manushi chhillar