Miss Universe smitten with Salman Khan

Recently Salman Khan was seen walking the ramp along with Miss Universe for an Aids awareness program. Girlfriend Katrina too was present during the event, but according to sources, Sallu Bhai managed to create quite an impression on Miss Universe, Zuleyka Rivera and she was bowled over by the actor’s charm and style. Being the ever chivalrous dude that he is, Salman even offered to drop Zuleyka home after the program on his bike. Now we definitely know how Salman manages to charm all the Miss World’s!
Salman has also taken newcomer Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor under his wing and even gives the newcomer tips on working out and building his body the right way. In fact Salman has even gone to the extent of asking his own stylist Hakim to help Ranbir with his hair grooming. Salman is also slated to do a special appearance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next film Saawariya which stars Ranbir and Sonam. Here’s an actor who does not feel threatened by the newer and younger lot of aspiring actors, a rare sight in bollywood!

Ash and Abhi’s impromptu jig in Rio

The entire cast of Dhoom 2 was shooting in Rio including Hrithik, Bipasha, Ash and Abhi and it was almost the end of a grueling shooting schedule. The entire cast was shooting for a night sequence on the streets of Rio and there were several other junior artistes also present. Everyone in the cast was exhausted and feeling stressed out when suddenly they began hearing the song ‘Kajra Re’ blasting from the speakers. All the actors were immediately so revved up that they all began to dance and shake along. Ash and Abhi even performed the entire dance sequence from their hit song ‘Kajra Re’ together. All the dancing took place amidst cheers from the onlookers who also enjoyed themselves along with the actors. Actor Uday Chopra came up with the idea of blasting the song in order to liven up the atmosphere.

Uday Chopra claims “that on the sets of Dhoom 2 we were either working or having fun.” The actors had a lot of fun as Hrithik, Abhishek and Uday have been childhood friends and always have fun when they are together. Well we hope to see all that hard work and fun while watching the film.

Akshay Kumar gyrates with 20 bollywood babes, Bipasha, Malaika Arora, Esha Deol etc

Sajid Khan will make his directorial debut with ‘Hey Baby’ in 2007. Sajid intends to make his debut in style and on a lavish scale. Recently the producer Sajid Nadiadwala and Sajid Khan held a screening so that they could find a young baby to play the role in their film. Akshay Kumar will star in the film and now according to the buzz, Sajid intends to have Akshay gyrate with 20 top actresses in bollywood for a song sequence. Sajid is working out the details of the song and sister Farah Khan will be choreographing the song. Akshay will be seen gyrating with actresses like Esha Deol, Amisha Patel, Lara Dutta, Sameera Reddy, Sushma Reddy, Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora. Preity Zinta and Mallika Sherawat may also be a part of the song. Akshay seems to be one lucky guy as not even Shahrukh can boast of gyrating alongside 20 beautiful actresses. Well we wonder how wife Twinkle is taking the news of her hubby dancing with 20 beautiful, hot actresses.

Saif Ali Khan finally quits smoking

Many celebrities claim that they want to quit smoking, but due to their high profile lifestyle and all the pressures that go with it, it is indeed not an easy feat for most of them. King Khan, Shahrukh too has claimed several times that he wants to give up smoking, but has to still get around to doing it. Well Actor Saif Ali Khan is one of the actors who has finally given up smoking. According to sources “Saif is a very good and caring father and ever since photographs of him and Amrita smoking were published during a school function of their children, he was concerned how his children would react and hence this is what made him give up smoking.” Now that’s what we call a doting dad who would do anything for his kids. Let’s hope that this inspires Shahrukh and other bollywood actors to give up smoking too.

Producer Kumar Mangat is also producing a film titled ‘No Smoking’ which will star John Abraham and so the producer also decided to enforce the rule of no smoking on the sets in accordance with the title of the film. However anyone, including directors, actors etc will have to pay a fine of Rs 500 every time they break the rule and smoke. Director of the film Anurag Kashyap and even co-producer Vishal Bharadwaj have already paid fines several times. The money that will be collected will be donated to a charity organization. Now this one is certainly a novel and interesting idea, perhaps other producers and directors should follow suit.

Ash hogs the limelight while Vidya is relegated to the background

Actress Vidya Balan made her mark with her debut film Parineeta and she received loads of praise for her performance in the film. Vidya was extremely happy when she was first approached to do a role in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Guru’. Vidya claimed that she had a small but pivotal role in the film. However now that the film has been completed Vidya is unhappy about the way her small role was further slashed. In fact she has been relegated to the background while her co-star Ash is busy hogging the limelight. Sources claim that Vidya is unhappy with the way her role has finally shaped up in the film and she is extremely hurt and upset that a director of Mani Ratnam’s caliber has given her such a raw deal. In fact even during the music launch of the film Vidya’s absence from the event was quite prominent.

Well with the queen of bollywood playing the lead actress in the film, Vidya was bound to be relegated to the back benches.