Miss Universe Olivia Culpo wants to romance Salman

Miss Universe Olivia Culpo is on her 10-day visit to India and during an interview with ANI, the very beautiful Olivia revealed that she loves Bollywood movies and her favorite actor is Salman Khan. She added that she is a big fan of Salman Khan and she wants to work with him. “I would love to work with Salman Bhai”, says Olivia.

During an exclusive interview with ANI, the 21-year old American beauty pageant titleholder said, “I love Bollywood movies and Salman Khan is my favorite”.

Culpa is on a 10-day visit to India to create awareness on social issues such as girl child, female infanticide and women empowerment. The 21-year-old model from Rhode Island also visited Tihar jail in Delhi.

Salman who runs a charity ‘Being Human’ has plan to meet Olivia and during the meeting she is expecting to have some Bollywood talk with the hunk.

“We (designer Sanjana Jon and she) will be meeting him soon to spread the message against female foeticide. I think the Bollywood culture is really interesting like how dedicated everyone (fans) is and how they follow these movies so closely. It’s really sweet and I want to be part of it too,” she says.

Expressing her views of the recent controversy about racial remarks made by Americans against Nina Davuluri, Miss Universe said, “It was an unfortunate situation that honestly didn’t make sense for me.”

Explaining how this is a one-off incident, she adds, “Many girls in America are from another descent, there are Italian-American, Indian- American, and African-American. So, it is funny that they made such a big deal about it, because it was absolutely no big deal.” Not the one to mince her words, the youngster goes as far as to say, “I think that it is indictaing that clearly our country has gone a long way, but there are still moments where we could clearly do a better job.”

Gorgeous Olivia Culpo however blushes when asked about her singer boyfriend, Nick Jonas, when asked whether she will sing with Nick, she said, “I don’t think I will be singing with him anytime soon. I sing, but I don’t think it will be a primary focus. ”