Miranda Kerr’s photos found from the stalker's refrigerator

The man who threatened to kill supermodel Miranda Kerr has been arrested. He was arrested after he told the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department that he wants to fly to Miranda Kerr's home and kill her.

Steven C Swanson was taken into custody after he made a claim to kill Kerr. The 52-year-old man lives in Massachusetts and he was arrested by local police after they were informed about his plan by Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He planned to fly to Kerr’s home in Los Angeles next month and kill her.  He referred Kerr his soul mate.

The man arrested was reportedly suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia and had been off his medication since March.

At his home, police found photographs of Kerr on his refrigerator, microwave and bookshelf.

Miranda Kerr has been married to actor Orlando Bloom in 2010, and she gave birth to their son Flynn in 2011. Bloom will star in his new Broadway theatre production of Shakespeare's 'Romeo and Juliet' and the whole family flew to New York in April.

The bail set for Swanson is $US8000 ($A8725).