Mira Rajput urges people not to send gifts for her baby boy

Mira Rajput and Shahid Kapoor were blessed with a baby boy on September 5th and the newborn was showered with gifts from friends, fans and close ones. But the doting mother urged all not to send gifts for their baby boy Zian instead give the gifts to those babies who are not fortunate enough to get the pleasures of life.

Mira Rajput took to her Instagram story and wrote, “Thank you to all those who have sent some beautiful gifts for Zain. We are so fortunate and extremely grateful for all we have, but there are many families and babies who are much more in need. Please send your products/gifts to those in need instead and make another baby’ world a happier place.”

Shahid Kapoor and Mira already has a 2-year-old daughter Misha. The actor had taken to social media to announce the arrival of their bundle of joy. He had tweeted, “Zain Kapoor is here and we feel complete. Thank you for all the wishes and blessings. We are overjoyed and so grateful. Love to all.”

Mira Rajput is totally in favour of breastfeeding and had said, “I have spoken about the importance of feeding the baby in the past too. I was extremely religious with Misha and I am going to do the same with my newborn. It is the greatest gift you can give your baby.  Also important is to sleep whenever the kids allow you to because that will no more be in your own hand. This time I already have a toddler around and keeping a balance between the one you have and the one that's on its way is very important. Everything changes, and you don't want that the one who has been the apple of your eyes for so long and feels that she's the centre of your world to feel neglected and ignored. That is very important." Mrs Kapoor surely has some strong view points. Isn't it?