Mira on marrying Shahid Kapoor: My family was never star-struck

Delhi girl Mira Rajput became a celebrity overnight after becoming a star-wife by marrying Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor. But she said that her family was never star-struck.

Mira said this on the popular chat show ‘Koffee with Karan 5’, where she made her debut appearance, along with hubby Shahid. When show’s host Karan asked about her family’s initial reaction to their then to be son-in-law being a big-league, Mira replied that it hardly mattered to her family.  

Mira reportedly said, “They are from a literary background and were never star-struck.” Shahid added to it saying, “They don’t read the Page 3 of entertainment papers, but are into business papers.”

‘Koffee with Karan’ is also the first time that Mira will appear on television and share her thoughts about Shahid in the public domain. And she was quite outspoken with devil-may-care attitude.    

A source from the sets was quoted as saying, “Mira spoke from the heart. She wasn’t guarded or measured in her comments. She is young and bindaas, which reflected in her attitude and conversation.”

Mira and Shahid have been married for little more than a year, and have a three-month-old daughter Misha. The couple has an age difference of almost 13 years between them, but they don’t see this as an obstacle for a happy and successful marriage.

Karan broached the topic of their age gap, but the much-in-love couple joked about it, probably hinting that age is just a number for them. “When Karan asked about it, both Shahid and Mira reacted to it sportingly. The banter between the two was quite funny and at one point, Mira just turned around and called Shahid a cradle-snatcher!” the source revealed.