Mira Rajput brutally trolled for endorsing anti-ageing cream

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput was brutally trolled for endorsing anti-ageing cream at the age of 23. Mira made her acting debut with a TV commercial and she shared the ad on social media. There are many who liked her ad but there are some who trolled her for varied reasons. Some users find it odd for endorsing an anti-ageing cream at the age of 23 while some find her acting skill fake.

While one user said, “being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself... true.... even if it’s being a hypocrite... judging others and then ending up doing the same...!!!!” Another said, “I really didn't know she can cross the limit to go so low hahahaha LOL she just wants to be in lime light. Yes be yourself like you just said don't copy others.”

Another troll wrote, “What’s funnier is she has 0 credibility or anything to call hers except that she gave birth to an actor’s child. Yet she had the audacity to speak crap on a national platform. Anyways it’s easy to sit in AC Rooms with your husband paying bills so that you can take care of your child full time. True women don’t really depend on their husbands and yet take care of their children. Let’s celebrate such women. Like you darling”.

Yesterday, Mira shared the video of her first commercial on her social media account and it was highly watched and liked too. Dressed in a short black dress with golden belt, Mira in the commercial talked about her daughter Misha, husband Shahid, her second pregnancy and many more.

She revealed, "I still remember holding Misha in my arms for the first time, it was magical. It brought Shahid and me even closer. I've always been a very hands-on mom." She also adds, "Being a mom doesn't mean you stop being yourself, right?"

She added that "Being a mother doesn't mean that you stop being yourself". 

Mira looks very confident in the ad.

A Times Now report quoted a source as saying, “Yes, Mira Rajput shot an ad for a foreign baby product. She worked like a thorough professional and got it right in one take; in fact, no one could believe that this was her first commercial. She is very camera friendly and performed with great dignity and confidence.”

The actor is bowled over by his wife’s charm.  

“Who’s that stunner?,” the doting husband wrote in a comment for his wife.

Mira recently posted a picture on Instagram in which she was hugging Shahid tight. She wrote alongside, “Find someone you can hug, kiss and kick. And then don’t ever let them go.”

Shahid and Mira are expecting their second child.