Antara Mali sends legal notice to Mink Brar

Some time back it had been reported that Jagdish Mali, who is the father of actress Antara Mali and a photo-journalist himself, was seen on the roads of Mumbai in a little unsettled and disoriented condition. This news came as a shock to many from the industry.

However, in all this Mink Brar seems to play an important role. She has been the person, who according to the family and people close to Jagdish Mali, has been spreading stories. Mink had seemingly seen Jagdish in a semi-nude condition, wandering aimlessly.

Ashoke Pandit who is a close family-friend came out in Jagdish’s defence and said that he is at a shock to read such news and see the extent to which people go to get publicity.  

Pandit- a filmmaker- said, “This is so wrong! We're shocked at the lengths people go to just to get publicity. What is Mink Brar talking about? Jaggu (Jagdish) is not a crazed-out wanderer on the streets. We don't know what she saw, or rather didn't see. All we know is someone somewhere misinformed the press.”

He clarified that Jagdish is mentally fit and added, “He suffers from the normal ailments at that age. So what? That doesn't make him a nutcase wandering on the streets. Jaggu is a dear and close friend. I meet him regularly. And would we his friends and family allow him to wander on the streets if he was really unwell.”

He also said, “Jaggu is in shorts most of the time. He lives an austere life. He hasn't touched a drop of alcohol for the past 15 years.”

Pandit also informed that well-wishers of the family have decided to sue Mink. He said, “What she has done is wrong. It is very unfair to Jaggu and his daughter Antara. She is a good daughter. She takes good care of her father. We are taking legal action against Ms.Brar for serving up misinformation to the media for her own interests.”

He added, “You can't do this to someone who defined glam-journalism in the 1970s just because he is no longer in demand.”

This disturbing news has received reactions from all other quarters of the film-industry. Yester-year actress Rakhee Gulzar said, “It is disturbing to hear something like this. In our country there is no social-security system to ensure such things don't happen.”

Raveena Tandon said, “It can happen to anyone from any walk of life. Everyone gets old. Everyone needs a support system. Friends can only provide moral support. It's the family that needs to look after its senior members.”

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