Minissha Lamba, Karishma Tanna face-off in ‘Bigg Boss 8’

Actress Minissha Lamba who had a rather low key start to her ‘Bigg Boss 8’ journey has been winning some tasks recently and it seems that as a result she is also making some new enemies. At the latest episode of the popular reality show, Minissha got into a fight with the ‘bad girl’ of this season, Karishma Tanna. The trouble between them started few days back during a task competition between Lamba’s team and Arya Babbar’s team of which Karishma was a member.

Minissha did not take kindly to Karishma’s aggressive   behavior during the task and had been complaining to other housemates. This week Karishma walked right to Lamba and denied all the charges that are being leveled towards her. While Karishma was adamant enough that she did not do anything wrong, Minissha Lamba was equally adamant saying that she had heard Karishma hurling abuses. Minissha said, “aap bohot aggressive ho gaye thay task mein”. Karishma replied back, “main jaisi hun waisi hun, maine aapko kuch nai bola tha, main camera ke saamne bol rai hun, aap ka kya matlab hai ki main itni achchi actress hoon.” Ultimately the argument did not reach any conclusion and Minissha eventually went on to confront another housemate Puneet Issar over similar issues.

The difference between Karishma and Minissha was clear even before they entered the house. Karishma had sounded almost arrogant and said, "I'm not some jobless actor who has come to the house to revive my career. I'll go back and I'll have a lot of work to do." She had also added, "All the movies that I have taken up either release or start shooting next year. I decided to enter the house as I was free for these three months."

On the other hand, Minissha did not make her reasons for entering ‘Bigg Boss’ clear. She had said, “All these things I would talk on the show -- why I am doing this and all...There are multiple reasons on why I am going on this some point, maybe I will discuss it on the show. I'd like to keep some stuff for the show."  Minissha had further said, "When 'Bigg Boss' ends for me, I will consider it as a chapter of my life that's behind me. I have watched season six and seven closely, and yes it's a highly entertaining show. It's the most entertaining show I have ever watched." Now it has to be seen how the rest of the journey unfolds for these two warring women.