Milla Jovovich sends her nude photo to husband Paul

Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich has found an unique way to cheer up her husband filmmaker Paul WS Anderson’s depressed mood. When she is away from him, she sends him nude picture of herself. She has send nude images to her hubby which she has clicked at the Cannes film festival.

Due to work commitments, many times, Milla has to remain away from her husband Paul WS Anderson but Jovovich rejoices Paul’s mood by sending him naked images of herself through phone.

"Paul sent me the funniest text the other day from the set. He said: 'In a field in the pouring rain, standing in mud...' And my answer was: 'In Cannes, drinking Champagne and standing in caviar...!' I sent him a nude picture, too, to make him feel better," Jovovich told Hello! magazine.

Milla Jovovich makes sure that her husband never feels lonely when she is not around him and to fill up her presence she sends him nude images to him through phones.

Milla is happily married to Paul and has a daughter from Anderson.