Milind Soman’s father-in-law passes away, pays heartfelt tribute

Model-actor, fitness freak Milind Soman’s father-in-law and Ankita Konwar’s father passed away on Wednesday. The supermodel took to his Instagram account to pay a heartfelt tribute to him.

Sharing his picture with his father-in-law, Milind wrote, "What happens when we die? Is it life everlasting somewhere else? Is it another birth? There are so many questions, very few answers. What we know for sure is that, as someone said, the one's who loved you will be sad (sic)."

He added, "Wherever you have gone, it must be to a more beautiful place, and when you are missed, this thought helps the healing in a small way. Thank you for everything you gave us. We know you watch over us always, and whatever else may happen, the memories that you have left with us will never fade, the love that we hold in our hearts will never die. O Hari. O Ram (sic)."

Ankita Konwar also mourns the death of her father, she wrote, The soul is neither born, nor does it ever die; nor having once existed, does it ever cease to be. The soul is without birth, eternal, immortal, and ageless. It is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.
Nothing will ever be the same papa.
I am what I am, it’s because of you.
I may not be able to hear you or see you but I know you will always be there for me like you always were.
There isn’t a word that can describe what I’m feeling right now.
But we will figure this out together, like we always have.
Love you papa, always and forever 

Milind Soman married Ankita Konwar in 2018 in Alibaug in the presence of close friends and family.