Milind Soman tests negative for Covid, thanks wife Ankita Konwar

After 14 days, actor-model-fitness freak Milind Soman has been tested negative for the novel coronavirus and he thanked his well-wishers and wife Ankita Konwar for her care.

he revealed in an Instagram post on Monday. "End of quarantine! Report RTPCR negative! Day 14," he wrote sharing a selfie with his wife Ankita Konwar. Milind added that he thinks a positive approach made his recovery easier: "Thank you for all your kind wishes and constant positivity. In any illness, I believe the most important aspect of healing is positivity. In fact, the most important aspect of leading a healthy life, is positivity. And how to focus on the positive, how to bring positive energy into your life, is the journey, and the constant effort."

The 55-year-old thanks wife Ankita Konwar for taking best care of her, “Thank you to Ankita who travelled all the way back from Guwahati as soon as she heard, even though I told her not to and took care of me like an angel, while making sure she was safe all the time!"

He added, Since many of you had asked, I took a kadha made of dhania and methi seeds, pepper, tulsi leaves, ginger and jaggery ???? I lost sense of smell for a week but had no other overt symptoms. I took a blood thinner for five days, as I had elevated D dimer levels. No other medication or supplements. Do listen to your doctor at all times. Thank you Dr Jeevan Jain for being there.

When he contracted the virus, the actor shared the news on his social media handle. "Tested positive. #Quarantine (sic)”.

Soon after Milind’s tweet, his wife Ankita shred a loved-up picture with her supermodel husband and wrote, "Nothing else matters. #love #strength (sic)."

In his post, Soman wrote he is trying to figure out how he contracted the virus. "Quarantine. Day 4. Difficult to say how I got infected or from whom. I had a negative report on the 18th March when I came back from Delhi, was working from home and only went out to run every day, but started feeling a little low energy on 23rd. I also had a mild headache and elevated body temp of 98 degree," read an excerpt from Milind's post.

"I took my first RTPCR test on 4th September 2020 as part of govt regulations before a flight, and have been traveling almost every week since then, even went to the US in October! I have taken the RTPCR test more than 30 times so far, it was like a routine. I was reasonably careful, following all prescribed protocol. Even so, like Ankita and I discussed many times, it was always a question of when. Today when I woke up, pulse was 61, 02 was 99 and temp 97.6," Milind added.

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