Mercury Rising as Magik’s Killer Drummer

Purab Kohli in Rock OnA shy smile, sensitive eyes and boy-next-door looks. That's Purab Raj Kohli, better known as Purab Kohli. With an image like this, what makes Purab, Abhishek Kapoor’s choice for the Killer Drummer in his upcoming film Rock On!!

Not surprisingly, he wasn’t what the casting team wanted. “I wanted a fat guy- someone who did not look like Purab at all. That is the image I had in mind for the drummer in the film.” Says the director.  So, what changed his mind? Abhishek tells us he auditioned Purab thrice for the part but what really clinched the deal……. was Purab’s humungous female fan following.

 The artistic Indu Kohli’s son and a one time aspiring Pilot, Purab started his career as a model and earned recognition on Channel [V], where he was picked out of a multitude, who participated in the channel’s VJ hunt.

Moving on, Purab took a shot at acting with the teenage show 'Hip Hip Hurray' on Zee TV and then serials like 'Chota Moo Badi Baat' and 'Sangharsh' for B4U followed. He made his Bollywood debut with 'Bus Yuhin' (2003) opposite Nandita Das. Besides this film, he acted in 'Supari' (2003), 'Vastu Shastra' (2004), 'My Brother Nikhil' (2005) and 'Awarapan' (2007) .

With Excel Productions Rock On!! Coming soon, Go Purab!!! Is the unanimous cheer for this Chocolate Boy turned Killer Drummer. The women audiences definitely have their eyes out for this one.

Watch out for Rock On!! Releasing August 29th and distributed world wide by Adlabs Films.