Meet the metrosexual grandma

Veteran actors Waheeda Rehman and Girish Karnad go through a maze of comic experiences as an NRI couple searching for a perfect match for their grandson in Girish Acharya's Brides Wanted.
The couple, looking for a bride with Indian values for their grandson, played by Anuj Sawhney, realise that time has changed and the Indian women's values and lifestyle are not the same any more.

Waheeda Rehman, who looks gorgeous even now, said, "I am a metrosexual, funky grandmother trying to keep up with the times. I really enjoyed this role because I had a significant and interesting character to play".

She said she enjoyed working with a new director as young people always come up with fresh ideas.

Girish Karnad, who needs no introduction, admitted he has been in love with Waheedaji since he was 19.

"I was mad about her in my college days and that hasn't changed yet. So I jumped at the role as I could work with Waheedaji. In the film, I play a grandfather looking for a bride for his US-based grandson. I could identify with the role because my children are of marriageable age," he said.

Anuj Sawhney, an MBA from USA, said, "I always knew I'd be in films. The education was just to fall back on in case I didn't succeed. As for Brides Wanted, working with two stalwarts was a learning as well as an humbling experience.

"Both of them are such wonderful people, so down to earth," he said, and, added "Brides Wanted" is certainly different from all other NRI films and it has all the ingredients to do well.

Girish Acahrya, the 29-year-old director of the film "is a New York Film Academy graduate and a computer engineer.

Acharya has assisted in the production of the Bruce Willis starrer The Jackal and also had a four month stint with Mani Ratnam, whom he refers to as his guru.

He said: "My high was to make character actors like Waheeda Rehman and Girish Karnad act in a comedy movie.

"The movie seeks to explain the logic behind arranged marriage and is based a bit on my life and what my friends had experienced.

"It's not as if arranged marriages don't work. But how are you expected to take the most important decision of your life in 15-20 minutes?" he asked.

Debutante Sarah Jane, who acts opposite Sawhney, already has done television and is currently a VJ on Channel-[V]. She loves music and was thrilled to work with two of the industry's veterans.

- Indo-Asian News Service