Meet the reel Priyanka Chopra, Sakshi Chaudhary

Debutante Sakshi Chaudhary will play Priyanka Chopra in a film to be produced by Priyanka’s ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant. The film titled ’67 Days’ is based on the actress former secretary Prakash Jaju. The film will show Priyanka in her hey days. For ’67 Days’, Sakshi has to go under rigorous training.

A source close to the project said, “She will play Priyanka after very closely studying her movies. Sakshi is not a major movie buff. But Aseem Merchant, who is making 67 Days, wants Sakshi to adopt Priyanka’s body language and mannerisms. Priyanka tends to talk very rapidly, letting the sentences words spill out in a tumble. Sakshi would be speaking like that. There will also be an attempt to recreate some of Priyanka’s early songs and dances from Andaaz and Aetraaz.”

On being contacted, Sakshi said, “I don’t think I am allowed to talk about this. But yes, I am playing the part in the film that you mention. I guess they thought I was suitable for the part. As far as studying Priyanka goes, I haven’t done much of that so far. I was never star-struck. But she is a good actress. Hopefully, I will play a good actress well.”

It was earlier reported that Piggy Chops is miffed with the idea of making a film based on her film by her ex but Aseem cleared that the film is not actually based on Priyanka but on her secretary Juju.

Aseem confirms, “The film is about Prakash Jaju, not Priyanka Chopra. It is about his experiences in Bollywood and will cover the entire entertainment industry. I respect and admire Priyanka. In no way am I trying to malign or hurt her. As a producer, I am only trying to make a realistic film.”

Jaju was Priyanka’s manager at one point of time. He claimed that the actress owed him a huge amount of money and refused to pay and situation turned worse when he interfered on Priyanka’s personal life. Following which Priyanka’s father (late) DR. Ashok Chopra filed police complaint against Prakash Jaju. DR. Chopra claimed that all the allegations made by Jaju is baseless. Jaju then went hiding and after an extensive search, he was arrested by Madhya Pradesh police.