Meet Akshay's herb doctor

<a href='//' title='Akshay Kumar' class='article_display_tag' data-id='akshay-kumar' id='article_tag_data_akshay-kumar' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Akshay Kumar</strong></a>Narendra Singh, Akshay Kumar’s make-up artiste for the last 15 years, is also a practicing Ayurvedic physician.
Akshay doesn’t visit a doctor when he is ailing — back problem, stomach ache or head injury, Singh has successfully treated him for all maladies.
Akki’s faith in his man is complete and Narendra accompanies the actor to every shoot, he tells
When did you start practicing Ayurveda?
I have been in this line for more than 40 years now. I have studied Ayurveda at the University of Patna, Bihar. Mine is the third generation of khandaani Ayurvedic physicians. My grandfather (Giridhari) and father (Kasiram) Singh were rajvaidyas. They would diagnose the illness of a man by studying his pulse and hands.
I picked it up after observing my father treating people. As a gift, the king would give a gold ashrafi as payment when he was cured. I would always wonder why people spend lakhs to get themselves treated, when it can be cures just by studying the pulse.

How did you come into contact with Akshay Kumar?
In 1990, I was working with Pramod Chakroborty’s company as a make-up artiste when Ganesh, a junior artiste, brought Akshay to me. I went through his pictures and file and was quite impressed by the handsome young man. I told Pramodji about it and in five minutes, he became a hero. Pramodji showed his pictures to the whole office and asked their opinion.
The very next moment, Akshayji got his signing amount of Rs 5,000 from him. It was Pramodji who told me to remain with Akshay and do his work. He said I was growing old and wouldn’t be able to run around. Since then, I have been with Akshay. Waqt was our 100th film together. I am with him constantly and even advise him on his diet.
I always carry my medicines with me so that if he falls ill on the sets, I can treat him. Recently, he suffered a cut on the head when he walked into a cupboard on the sets of Garam Masala. He refused to be treated by the doctor who came on the sets. I applied a balm on his head and he was okay.

What’s Akshay’s worst health problem that you have cured?
In 1994, he suffered a back injury when he was doing a film where he had lifted a WWF wrestler, The Undertaker (Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi). Everybody said he should have an operation but I treated him through Ayurveda and he was fine.
One of the treatments I used was swaranbhasam (gold dust). It’s the most expensive kind of Ayurvedic treatment; one gram of gold costs Rs 3,500. But it can cure a lot of health problems.

Do you practice in Mumbai?
Yes, I have my dispensary in Four Bungalows, MHADA, where I call my patients. I see them at the dispensary on holidays. If it’s urgent, I even call them on the sets. I treat about 25 people daily – and I don’t charge for it. I even use acupressure, magnet and water therapy for treatment.

Courtesy: Mid-day